Marilyn Lange

Marilyn Lange


Westfield NJ USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

May 1974

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At the tender age of 18, Marilyn Lange was a newly married teenager with soft brown curls from Westfield, New Jersey. Even though this should have been the happiest time of her life, the rock musician’s wife was plagued with doubt and depression. She promptly filed for divorce, quit school and went searching for her life’s meaning in tropical Hawaii—more specifically, the white sandy beaches of Waikiki. It was here, surrounded by exotic flowers and the big, blue ocean, that the all-natural brunette met her pianist boyfriend, Kip. “It's really dumb, but I just keep getting involved with musicians,” admits Marilyn who moved to Hawaii to be with her musical lover. “I'd love to attend the University of Hawaii. If I could do high school over again I would take more biology and science so I could become a vet. I love animals except snakes, spiders and rats. I don't get along with them too well.” Since becoming our Miss May 1974, the curvy brunette with the stunning F-cup chest has traded in her small apartment for a home in Honolulu where exotic birds resting in her mango, papaya and avocado trees serenade her in the morning. The only downside to her paradise home is the constant presence of rain, but Marilyn, a newfound vegetarian, isn’t dwelling on that too much—it’s still better than the weather on the mainland. “In Hawaii, you don’t need the warmth you get from eating meat; in New York or Chicago, you’d probably need a lot of steaks and stews, but not here,” states our Miss 1975 who stopped eating meat as a result from a conversation she had with some Hare Krishna practitioners about the link between karma and the slaughter of animals. “Things come back to you tenfold, supposedly, and if you kill, say, a calf, then something drastic will happen to you.” With limited free time because of her Playboy work schedule, Marilyn spends her days playing soccer, tending to her vegetable garden, cooking and trying to book modeling jobs. “I don’t do anything special, just day-to-day, personal things,” says our Playmate of the Year who plans on moving temporarily to New York City to model. “I’m scared to go, but you have to make money. I can't decide on a career. There are so many interesting ones.” Although Marilyn doesn’t have her life sorted as of yet, she has come to the realization that Hawaii will not be her forever home—a fact her parents will be happy to hear. “My mother calls periodically to say ‘How are you, my darling daughter? Are you sure you're OK?’ —but now that all three of us kids have left, they've bought themselves a farm in Connecticut and they're having a second honeymoon,” says our voluptuous Miss 1975. “One nice thing about living in Hawaii is that you can make love outdoors. That’s an experience that people in New York or Chicago seldom have. But, here, if you go to some of the outer islands, you find beaches where you don’t see anyone for maybe four, five hours. And you don’t hear anything but the birds. Of course, the beaches around Honolulu are usually crowded with day-trippers. But, you can still get away from it all if you want to.” Sex is something Marilyn wishes people would cherish more. She cannot understand how it became the norm to sleep around with random people and in some cases, with people you don’t even bother to learn their name. “Sex isn’t the only thing in life—but, at the same time, it’s a deeper form of communication than some people realize. I don’t believe you can ever forget somebody you made it with. Even if you were to just meet someone, do it without talking, and then forget his name, you would always be linked with him somehow, because of all that energy you put into each other. So I take my relationships pretty seriously,” explains our Miss 1975. “I kind of like the mystique that sex used to have, back when everyone wasn’t so up front about it. It’s nice when there’s a little room left for the imagination to work.” Our imaginations have been working overtime since we first laid eyes on our Playmate of the Year, Marilyn Lange.