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Marina Semenova

Marina Semenova


Pensacola FL USA


5' 4"

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“I just got a new corset with a matching pair of red silk panties,” says our Cybergirl of the Week for May 12, 2003 in her Russian accent. “I love the way it looks and feels and I think it works well with my petite figure.” Marina Semenova, not to be confused with the famous Soviet prima ballerina of the same name, was born in Russia. The all-natural brunette was born in the very cold region of Siberia, to be precise. As anyone could imagine, Miss Semenova needed to get away from the cold Siberian winters. Moving to warm and sunny Pensacola, Florida seemed like a no-brainer to this Russian beauty, who was also hoping to meet some equally hot men. Unfortunately for fair-skinned Marina, she quickly learned that cocky men and their horrible pick-up lines exist everywhere, including her new hometown. “A man approached me in a mall and said, “I’ve dated lots of models. Tell me why you think I should ask you on a date?” I walked away,” says the slim, international model. Marina would rather have men use the best pickup line possible with her—a greeting, followed by an introduction.