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Marty Spence

Marty Spence


Kansas City MO USA


5' 8"

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Meet Marty Spence, a marketing major from Wichita State University who cannot wait to leave the Midwest. “I love to travel. Whether a weekend trip or an overseas excursion, sign me up!” says the tall blonde. We met busty Marty at our 2006 casting call in Kansas City and we couldn’t take our eyes off her all-natural figure which she credits to years of dancing. “I have been dancing since I was very young. Dancing is my breath of fresh air,” says our Coed of the Week for April 12, 2007. “Feeling the rhythm in music has always come naturally to me, which has inspired my love of dance. I feel the passion in the movements when I dance. It's like I'm falling in love all over again each time the music plays.” Miss Spence has Playboy fans falling in love with her over and over again.