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Maya Helena Codina

Maya Helena Codina


Tampa FL United States


4' 11"

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“I grew up around a lot of castles living in Germany, so I have this princess-prince sexual fantasy,” says petite Maya Helena Codina. “I want to go to castle ruins and have sex. There’s something sexy about it.” All-natural Maya lies in wait for the day she could be swept away to a castle by her ideal lover, who could be anyone—man or woman. “I’m actually bisexual,” confesses the voluptuous brunette. “I’ve had sex on the beach, in a parking garage and on an airplane. The most seldom place I’ve had sex is in a bed.” Ladies and gentlemen cannot refuse the advances from the outgoing psychology major from University of South Florida. If Miss Codina wants you, she will do everything she can to get you. “I need sex every day, especially when I see someone and feel this animalistic urge. Sometimes it’s like I’m a She Wolf and I just have to pounce.” Anyone would be happy to be considered Maya’s prey. To discover what else turns Maya on check out her interview featured in the members' area.