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Maya Kendrick

Maya Kendrick
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Say Hello to Maya Kendrick, a model and sex worker who comes to Playboy Plus from Bellingham, Washington. “It’s absolutely gorgeous and incredibly peaceful,” shares Maya of her hometown. “It’s the perfect place to retreat when you need fresh air and quiet!” We met Maya through her photographer, Madeline Northway, who had a great time shooting her on set. “When do I feel the most sexy? When I’m posing nude with a great photographer like Madeline,” smiles Maya. “I was always drawn to Playboy. I actually can’t remember a time I didn’t know about it. Posing for Playboy is completely iconic. I think it’s incredible that a company that is inclusive and supportive of women and sex workers is so well-known globally. It feels unbelievable to be a part of such a powerhouse. I’m incredibly proud of myself and consider it a huge achievement.” What does Maya love most about her work? The people. “I love the community I have found and the freedom it allows me,” she says. “I’ve made friends all over the world and feel supported and understood.” Check out Maya Kendrick’s features only here on Playboy Plus!