Maya Myra

Maya Myra


Bangkok, Thailand


5' 4"

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Maya Myra will warm your heart. A gorgeous, petite model from Bangkok, Thailand, Myra is friendly and absolutely beautiful — the perfect addition to Playboy Plus. “I am a small girl from a small town,” she tells us about herself. “I fight for what I want [and] want to be. I have told [my] friends that I want to be a model, and they laughed at me. Now I’m a Playboy model!” Defying what anyone may say, Maya has had much success in the industry and Playboy is now her latest endeavor. When she’s not modeling, you can also find Maya working as a makeup artist. “Makeup is my special talent,” she tells us. But what’s most important to Maya? Enjoying herself. “My passion is to be happy and make people around me happy!” Want to learn more about the gorgeous, Maya? Check out her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!