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Mckenzie Taylor

Mckenzie Taylor


Athens GA USA


5' 2"

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Meet Mckenzie Taylor, a speech communications major at the University of Georgia. “UGA has appeared several times on the 10 biggest party schools list. The party scene in Athens is all about the bars,” explains the all-natural blonde. “I am a bartender, so I am always trying to get people to come out.” From working at a bar to dancing on a bar, petite Mckenzie is a party girl who makes having a good night her top priority. “On a bar, near a pole or on the ground, I am always dancing. Usually, by the end of the night, I am on the ground because I’ve had one too many to drink,” laughs blue-eyed Miss Taylor. Even though she is known for her spicy dance moves, our Coed of the Month for August 2008 says she isn’t known for her modeling and wants to change that. “My parents are actually hippies, so I did not wear clothes until I was 12,” says Mckenzie. “My parents have always taught that your body is beautiful and use it while you got it.” Great advice, Mom and Dad.