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Megan Alexis

Megan Alexis


Indianapolis IN USA


5' 8"

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Many coeds cannot stand their part-time jobs, but Megan Alexis is a rare beauty who loves hers—and with good reason. “When I'm not partying or at school, I work at Hooters. I love my job,” smiles the soft-spoken blonde. “School is a little dull, but when there is stuff going on, it's so much fun. There are a lot of fraternities, and they throw some great parties.” Blue-eyed Megan is a history major from the University of Southern Indiana and even though may seem like a wild party girl, but she knows how to remain levelheaded in any situation. “I'm the person who always remains calm in stressful situations,” says our all-natural Coed of the Week for February 14, 2008. “I know how to handle myself, no matter what chaos is going on around me. My friends look to me to keep the peace, and I always maintain my cool.” Cool, calm and busty—just how we like our Coeds of the Week.