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Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth


Claremont CA USA


5' 6"

Playboy Muse of the month

May 2006

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Appreciate every day to the fullest with Megan Elizabeth, Cybergirl of the Month for May 2006. Megan is a fair-skinned voluptuous beauty who enjoys everything about her life, from small animals to getting dolled up for a date. “It's far too easy to live the day through without pausing to notice how wonderful life is," says Megan. “I'm actively working toward learning to appreciate the beauty of every day.” When red-haired Megan isn’t stopping to smell the roses, she works as a veterinary technician and will soon be applying to med school. She admits that one thing she’s going to miss most about working with animals is the workout they give her. “I wrestle with large dogs all day so it tends to wear me out over a nine-hour shift,” says blue-eyed Megan. Speaking of wrestling, Megan Elizabeth believes in the rules of animal attraction, so if any man would like to experience her animalistic side, he needs to be a good pet parent. “You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he treats his pet,” says Megan. “It’s incredibly sexy when a man owns a dog and cares for it well.” Time to stock up on Fido’s treats and schedule him some doggie spa days, boys.