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Megan Medellin

Megan Medellin


Las Vegas NV United States


5' 6"

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September 2012

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Fun, fresh-faced Megan Medellin comes to you from ritzy, glitzy Las Vegas, Nevada – and just like Sin City, she’ll have you up all night. At 20 years old she is a veteran model and actress. You may remember Megan from season 3 of The Search for the Hottest Girl in America, or the several Playboy features she posed for before becoming a Cyber Girl. “It’s really fun to get recognized from the work I’ve done with Playboy,” she says. “It’s exciting to know that people enjoy my modeling work.” So what’s Megan like behind the scenes? “I’m a fast food junkie,” she admits. “Most people ask me what my diet is and how I keep in shape…and I tell them ‘Hot wings, burgers and pizza.’” As for her personal life, she’s a popular girl – she hangs out with “all different types of people” – but whether the chips are up or down, Megan plays it just as close to home. She describes herself as passionate and creative, and she makes crafts and writes poetry in her spare time. She’s just as comfortable watching TV with the guys as she is getting glammed up to go dancing with the girls. “Most people think that Las Vegas is all casinos,” she says confidentially, “but there’s a whole different side to the city.” With a resume like Megan’s, you’d think she was all for show. But this brown-eyed girl is sweet, sensitive and totally down to earth. “I’ve always been comfortable with my body,” she says, scoring points for honesty, if not modesty. “Playboy does such an amazing job at representing nudity so beautifully.” Megan’s off to a great start, and with a body like hers, there’s no gamble - we’d bet the odds are in her favor.