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Melissa Puente

Melissa Puente


La Jolla CA USA


5' 6"

Playboy Muse of the month

March 2004

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March 2004’s Cybergirl of the Month is bringing some Latin heat to the cold month. Melissa Puente’s tanned voluptuous body is as stunning as the beaches in La Jolla, California, where this Cybergirl is from. With a body like hers, she couldn’t wait to show it off for the Playboy cameras. “Playboy portrays women in such a sexy, classy, romantic way,” says brown-eyed Melissa. “The female body is amazing.” We couldn’t agree more, and we particularly love how Melissa manages to have a busty figure and still be a homebody. “My closest friends would describe me as the girl next door trapped in a hot girl’s body,” says Miss Puente. When the dark-haired beauty does hit the town and spots a sexy man, she prefers to do the work. “I love when a man lets his guard down and allows himself to be pursued by a woman,” says Miss Puente. “I’m particularly turned off by people who can’t laugh at themselves once in a while.” With a girl like Melissa on a man’s arm, we can’t imagine him not ever having a smile on his face.