Mercy Rooney

Mercy Rooney


N/A New Jersey USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

December 1972

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Growing up on a farm in New Jersey, our Miss December 1972 developed an appreciation for the country life and its adrenaline-pumping activities like four-wheeling and rodeo competitions. However, when Mercy Rooney was only in elementary school, her parents uprooted the entire family to the West Coast, she wasn’t prepared to trade her chaps and Stetsons for heels and expensive purses. “Most people think of rodeo as man conquering beast—men riding bulls, roping calves, that kind of thing. That's not it at all. Rodeo is actually man conquering his own body, being able to control it and make it work the way he wants it to,” explains our busty Playmate of the Month. “The real pros are very disciplined people; with discipline comes skill, and that's what makes the whole thing a treat for fans. Riding rodeo is a beautiful, graceful art when a person's really good at it.” Mercy has been a frequent spectator at rodeo events in Salinas, CA where she admires rodeo riders for their skill set and athleticism. During one of her rodeo trips, the petite blonde with an all-natural C-cup bust caught the attention of a famous rider, Larry Mahan, a six time World All-Around Rodeo Champion and a World Bull Riding Champion. “Larry and I became great friends,” says Mercy of her newfound friend. “He's simply tremendous to watch and he let me see the whole thing from the chutes area. I liked being right down there with the dirt kicked in the air, flying in your face, and the animals lunging so close that you have to jump for a fence to get out of their way.” Larry, on the other hand, has a very different memory of what it was like having our Miss December 1972 at the rodeo. “I recollect hearing quite a few 'Good God A'mightys!' And one of my friends said to me, 'We gotta get her out of here. I can't concentrate on my horse,” says Mahan of the model who would go on to be actor Mickey Rooney Jr.’s second wife. “Mercy's gonna be a very successful young lady in this little ol' thing we call life.” Unfortunately, life can’t be all fun and games—Mercy hasn’t been able to narrow down her list of career options as of yet, but says she’s open to exploring all of them. “I was deeply involved in clothes designing for a couple of years, and eventually I began to specialize in leather. Through a series of contacts, I agreed to do some leatherwork for rodeo contestants and decided I should go see a rodeo myself in order to get an idea of how the clothes should function. I don’t designed leather wardrobes as much now. There’s just not enough time,” states our Miss December 1972 who recently got herself a sexy, fulltime job. “I'm currently a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles. Before that I was self-employed as a seamstress, decorator, and dancer. I would love to become an actress.” Whether she’s an actress, a Bunny, our Playmate of the Month or a sexy rodeo spectator, Larry Mahan was right—Mercy Rooney is definitely successful in this little ol’ thing we call life.