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Merritt Cabal

Merritt Cabal


Harahan LA USA


5' 8"

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June 2002

Playboy Muse of the year


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Meet Meritt Cabal, our Cybergirl of the Year 2003. She’s tall – 5’8” – with long, sinuous brown hair and brown eyes. A bartender from small-town Harahan, Louisiana, her name means ‘worth’ – and for what it’s worth, we think she’s one in a million. We met Merritt at a New Orleans casting call in 2000, and after features for Mardi Gras and several issues of Special Editions, she was Cybergirl of the Week and Month in 2002 – and to her delight, Cybergirl of the Year in 2003. “It’s the chance of a lifetime,” she says. “I shot my Cybergirl of the Year pictorials on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It was so beautiful.”