Tenerife, Spain


5' 6"

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Meet Miel, who comes to Playboy Plus from Tenerife, Spain. A model who exudes confidence and upbeat energy, we first caught sight of Miel through her photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, and knew she’d be an excellent fit for Playboy Plus. “I have always wanted to be a Bunny,” smiles Miel. “My personal experience with Playboy thus far has been lovely and perfect!” When it comes to what makes her, “her,” Miel is highly intuitive. “My special talent? I can [read] people’s auras,” she says. Aside from modeling, Miel loves to be outside, move her body, and travel. “My passion is dancing,” she shares. “The most adventurous thing I’ve done or want to do? I want to go to Puerto Rico!” Get to know Miel better through her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!