Milan Dixon

Milan Dixon


Las Vegas, NV


5' 10"

Playmate of the month

October 2017

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It’s nearly impossible not to smile when looking and learning about Playmate, Milan Dixon. Challenging stereotypes, this Las Vegas native is not a party girl, though she’s got a thing for trying new things. “I’m a pretty chill person,” she says with a wide, infectious smile. “Being from Vegas, people expect you to be a party girl, not me. [But] I’ll try anything, even if it looks gross — I’ll do it. I’ve eaten stingray.” A gorgeous model with a work ethic that’s both strong and willing, Milan’s success as a model didn’t come easy. In fact, she would drive to and from Los Angeles from her TGI Fridays job and back, squeezing in casting calls when she had the time. “I’d say, ‘Yes, I’m available,’ and just drive to LA right from work, then back to Vegas after the casting,” she tells us. “I slept in my car a couple of time just to rest before driving.” After saving enough money, she finally moved to Los Angeles and hasn’t looked back since — a testament that hard work does in fact, pay off, as she is our Miss October 2017. “I’m all about positivity and being good overall,” she says. “What you’re thinking, what you’re feeling in your heart, once you speak it, it can come.” When she’s not modeling you can usually find Milan reading, listening to old school R&B or at a nude spa. “On my dream day, I’d wake up somewhere like Ibiza, in time for a good breakfast. Then I’d just lie out and read a good book,” she says. “I’m [also] really into spa culture and I love R&B, stuff like Monica, Brandy, and Boyz II Men!” Are you falling for our Miss October 2017 yet? Make sure to flip through her sultry spread, right here, now on Playboy Plus!