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Dallas, TX


5' 8"

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Meet "The Burlesque Queen of Texas" herself, Minxie. An entertainer, model, and event producer, Minxie hails from Dallas. "I love Dallas because the people are warm and friendly," she says of her hometown. Passionate and driven, Minxie tells us about herself. "I'm fiery and strong-willed, but also a sensitive, creative type," she says of what makes her, 'her.' "My passion? Entertaining people and making them forget about their troubles, even if just for a little while." A fan of the brand, Minxie first discovered Playboy when she was younger. "I was snooping through my uncle's room and found a stack of Playboy magazines," she shares. "I took them behind the house where I sat and looked through them all — I was mesmerized!" Minxie even remembers the exact issue. "The first Playmate I saw was Anna Nicole Smith." Now, she's thrilled to be a part of it all. "It's a dream come true," she smiles. "Playboy epitomizes what is sexy, cool, and progressive. I would love to be a centerfold!" When she's not on stage or at a photoshoot, you can usually find Minxie hanging out at home. "Something people wouldn't know about me at first glance? That I'm actually kind of shy," she laughs. "[I] prefer to be at home or relaxing in a remote location when I'm not performing." Check out Minxie's pictorials here on Playboy Plus!


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