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Misty Stone

Misty Stone


Inglewood, CA.

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“Female empowerment to me looks like a strong woman who knows herself and is comfortable in her skin,” says the adult star, Misty Stone. Misty first debuted on Playboy TV through our show, “Stay In. Get Off.,” and we’re excited to now welcome her to Playboy Plus. Originally from Inglewood, California, Misty is still based in her hometown of Los Angeles. “I wouldn’t want to do anything else — it’s my passion,” says Misty of acting and her career. “Doing my first play at The Barnsdall Gallery Theater is when I knew it became more than just a job. Being able to make people laugh, or even get emotional is almost like a superpower to me.” Misty first encountered Playboy in her brother’s room growing up. “He kept some naughty magazines,” she laughs, “and I always thought, ‘these women are so beautiful.’ Now I’m one of them.” As for being nude on camera, Misty sees it as a powerful act. “I think society makes us women feel nudity is shameful, so I’m making an active choice disregarding those societal controls,” she begins. “I feel empowered every time society says I can’t, [because] I can.” Check out all of Misty Stone’s features right here, and also on Playboy TV!