Morena Corwin

Morena Corwin


Seoul South Korea South Korea


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

September 1992

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Though her name implies darkness, the lithe Morena Corwin can light up a room. Born in Seoul to a Korean mother and a father in the American service, she spent her childhood in small-town Michigan, the only Asian girl in her class. A move to Florida in her early teens made things considerably brighter. “It was a pretty hard life when we first got to Florida,” says Morena, though the move had its advantages. “Being around other Asians made me feel less like an outsider. I even started to think, Hey, maybe I’m not so goofy-looking.” With that in mind, Morena started to model – at first in clothing and swimwear – and eventually, she made up her mind to pose for Playboy. As our Miss September 1992, Morena celebrates her East-meets-West heritage in barely-there bits of black silk and brocade. When asked about her best assets, she replied, “Being Asian with full lips, definitely. I’m really proud of my heritage now.” When not in front of the camera, Morena loves to indulge herself, and lists shopping and eating sweets as a few of her favorite things. “My turn-ons are relaxing and laughing on a mountain of pillows,” she says dreamily, “and being sung to while having my back rubbed.” If that sounds like a job you’d like to apply for, you’ll have to meet Miss Corwin’s criteria: be taller than she is, be trustworthy, and have an equally loopy sense of humor. Oh, and no celebrities, either. “I wouldn’t want somebody who went through girls like dominoes,” she says. “In the future I’ll be living in California, driving a convertible and making movies.” With a part in Weekend at Bernie’s II – and an appearance in our Bernie-themed pictorial, Lucky Stiff – Morena is well on her way.