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Muse Naadia

Muse Naadia
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Meet Muse Naadia, a self-proclaimed financial and professional dominatrix from Kansas City, Missouri. “I am from a couple of places,” she shares, “but I would call Kansas City my hometown. That’s where I was raised most of my middle school, high school, and college years. There are actually more cows than are humans there,” adds Naadia with a laugh. Naadia is an adventurous spirit with a lighthearted and warm demeanor. “I grew up given a lot of freedom to do what I want,” she says of what has shaped her into the person she is today. “I’ve always been a pretty liberated person! It’s been exciting to see how I’ve developed over the years.” What truly makes her who she is, though, is being there for others. “My passion is helping as many people as I can see the best in themselves [to] live their most intentional lives,” she begins, “whether that’s in kink, BDSM, or just being a friend— that’s what I’m really focused on.” When she’s not working, creating content, or engaging with her many followers, you can usually find Muse Naadia staying creative in other ways or traveling the globe. “I like doing photoshoots! I also enjoy making candles.” Get to know Muse Naadia better through her pictorials right here on Playboy Plus.