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Nadia Marcella

Nadia Marcella


Panama City Beach FL United States


5' 6"

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Nadia Marcella is a five foot, six inch beach bum who loves the water. Anytime the dark-brown, curly-haired model needs to relax after a long day, she does so by swimming or tanning. There is something about the salt water and the heat on her skin that makes Miss Marcella feel great. “It’s so sexy when my skin glistens from the water,” says Nadia. Thankfully, our Cybergirl of the Week for October 25, 2010 enjoys eternal summer, living in Panama City Beach in Florida. Nadia relishes her sparse downtime. Miss Marcella is working hard at achieving her goal of becoming a wealthy entrepreneur. Where does she plan on starting her road to entrepreneurship? Health fanatic Nadia plans to open her very own gym. “You’ll see me in Forbes someday,” smiles Miss Marcella. We would love if Nadia makes it into Forbes magazine but before she does, we’ll continue to enjoy her sexy Playboy pictorial.