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Naj'a Irie

Naj'a Irie


Huntington Beach CA USA


5' 2"

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Say hello to Amateur Naj’a Irie, from Huntington Beach, California. She has dark brown eyes and warm skin, and she’s all natural save for her dyed hair. “I like to change it up,” she says. “Right now I have a blonde Mohawk.” Naj’a was raised by her mom, a former model, and is proud to follow in her size 7 footsteps. “My mom taught me not to depend on anybody but myself,” she says, “but I wouldn’t be here without all of my fans at Playboy.” She’s a full-time student, but when she’s not in class, she spends her time painting and drawing, walking her pit bull, or hanging out with her best friend, fellow Playboy model Georgia Harris. “We may as well be married,” she says. “We spend almost all of our time together. She cooks me dinner every night.” Naj’a started out with Playboy at eighteen. She was first featured in Student Bodies on the Girls Network, and she was so popular that we made her Coed of the Week in April 2011. Now she’s back and more popular than ever on Playboy Plus, and she’s looking forward to future modeling gigs. “Playboy changed my life,” she says. “I’ve made so many new friends in so many places.” She’s gotten a lot of phone numbers, too – for the record, she’s into punks with muscles, tattoos and piercings. “My sexuality is fluid,” she says. “I’m straight, and I only date guys – but there’s something about a beautiful girl that I just can’t resist.” We know just what she means. In her Facetime interview, Naj'a talked to us about her hidden talents and favorite lingerie.