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Natalie Taylor

Natalie Taylor


Miami FL USA


5' 4"

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July 2004

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Miami girl Natalie Taylor rarely spends a night at home. Our Cybergirl of the Month for July 2004 works hard during the day training dogs, so when the sun goes down, Natalie just wants to let loose and have a good time. “I was having sex behind a dark glass when I was on a boat,” says Natalie, “but I didn’t know the captain and crew could see everything on the other side.” To be first mate to the naughty Miss Taylor during her pleasure cruise nights, men will need to know a few key pieces of information. Natalie’s guilty pleasures are pizza and wine. “I like big SUVs. That is a beautiful man's car,” says dark-haired Miss Taylor. Cybergirl Natalie spends her days working with dogs, so the last thing she wants is to be on a date with one – her advice is to be a well-mannered and respectful man. “A guy on a date with me should know to keep his hands to himself,” she says. If you’re lucky enough to land a date with Miss Taylor, be polite or she just might spank you.