Nichole Van Croft

Nichole Van Croft


Jacksonville FL USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

October 2000

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Playmate Nichole Van Croft does it all, and she does it all very well. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, she can thank her German heritage for her golden blonde hair, brown eyes and no-nonsense, can-do attitude. “I played every sport in high school,” she says. “Volleyball, basketball – I even broke my collarbone playing football. I was voted homecoming queen, and it was a dilemma because I was playing in the basketball game!” After graduating from high school in Arkansas, Nichole spent time all over the United States – she went to college in Memphis, moved to Las Vegas and eventually settled in Arizona. Though she was raised religious, Nichole didn’t hesitate when she was offered the chance to pose for Playboy – where matters of theology are concerned, she’s characteristically down-to-earth. “I know I’m not going to hell for being a Playmate,” she says. “I’m not rigid!” When she’s not in front of the camera, our Miss October 2000 is in front of the microphone – she’s a pop singer, and has even collaborated with songwriters for Mariah Carey and TLC. “I’ve always dabbled,” she says lightly. “I sang in the church choir!” When it comes to the future, Nichole sees herself with a major-label CD and a line of skincare products, and she wouldn’t mind if Mr. Right came into the picture, either. “I like intelligent guys with a lot of class,” she says. “Romance makes me feel so womanly!” With a face and body like hers, Miss Van Croft doesn’t need much help in that department.


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