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Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston

Playboy All Star of the month

June 2022

Hometown Love

Temecula, CA! The community is beautiful, strong, and unified. I’ve loved living here.

Safe Space

I would never want anyone new to feel intimidated or nervous around me, so I always do my best to make everyone feel at home while we’re together.

Nourishing Soul

I love to cook, host gatherings, and have meditation nights in my home for friends and family.

Feeling Myself

I feel the sexiest when I’m connected and rested, usually after I’ve showered.

Best Sex Advice

Know what you enjoy, and communicate that to your partner. Learning consent and communication is so crucial to having a healthy sex life!

Words of Wisdom

Know thyself.

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“Some words I live by? Know thyself.” Take some time to learn more about our June 2022 All Star, Nicole Aniston. An adult star, model, reiki healer, and self-described conscious life enthusiast from Temecula, California, Nicole will have you feeling at peace in her presence, something she strives to do with everyone she encounters— both in person or online. “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance is likely that I’m not judging them in any capacity,” she begins, “they are completely safe. I would never want anyone to feel intimidated or nervous around me, so I always do my best to make everyone feel at home when we’re together, no matter how briefly.” While you might believe you know Nicole from her Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Onlyfans, or even the gifs and POV videos, get ready to meet her on a deeper level here as our newest All Star feature. “What makes me ‘me’ is that I love everything— literally,” laughs Nicole. “That love and enthusiasm for life came after relinquishing expectation control,” she shares. “I take what comes with excitement and curiosity rather than anticipation or dread!” A teacher to us all, Nicole lives her life with a fully open mind, especially in her work. “What I love most about my job is the freedom of expression without apology! I love being the ‘weird friend’ with the cool job that never feels like work,” she says. “After 12 years as an adult film star, I love [posing nude].” For Nicole, her career is freeing. “There is no real shame in the bodies we’re born into, besides the same we allow others to pressure us into believing. Our bodies are not offensive, crude, or obscene.” Nicole is learning, cooking, and envisioning new avenues to connect with her followers when she’s not working. “I enjoy learning about ancient human history, anything that’s applicable to discovering purpose and furthering gratitude in the now. I [also] love meditation, finding new recipes, [and] working out.” Don’t miss any of Nicole Aniston’s nude galleries and videos as our June 2022 All Star here on Playboy Plus!