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Nicole Bayard

Nicole Bayard


Remerton GA USA


5' 8"

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Nicole Bayard has many descriptors –she’s tall, she’s blonde with big, blue eyes and she’s from Remerton, Georgia. One quality the busty model will never consider herself is a planner. Procrastinator Nicole isn’t a fan of order and organization. Miss Bayard believes everything will happen as it is supposed to, so why worry about planning and trying to organize events? “I just like stuff to come up at the last minute instead of planning. Things always seem to work out better that way,” says our Cybergirl of the Week for June 20, 2005. The easy-going beauty lives in the spur of the moment and believes it makes her life much more unpredictable and exciting. We’re just glad the one of her last minute decisions was to pose for Playboy.