Nicole Narain

Nicole Narain


Chicago IL USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

January 2002

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Nicole Narain needs no introduction. Part Guyanese, part East Indian and part Chinese, she’s intoxicatingly exotic, not to mention whip-smart and funny, too. Born and raised in Chicago – Playboy’s hometown – Nicole was a track star and homecoming queen, but even as a teenager, she knew she was destined for more than mere high school popularity. At sixteen, she picked up and took off for Los Angeles, where she got her very first taste of the spotlight. “I’m a success, and those people who were mean to me along the way can go to hell,” she says, putting it lightly. “My goal is to stay focused and keep what’s important to me close – family and friends!” As our Miss Janurary 2002, we consider Nicole a member of the Playboy family. In more recent years, Miss Narain has remained in the spotlight – thanks in part to a certain starring role with a well-known leading man – and with spots on Fear Factor, Entourage and Dr. Drew, not to mention videos for LL Cool J’s “Luv You Better” and Fabolous’ “Baby”, she’s bound to stay there. “My greatest goal is not having to worry about money,” she says. “Every day I tell myself, ‘You’re gonna make it!’” With chops like hers, we don’t think Nicole has anything to worry about.