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Nikki Gentry

Nikki Gentry


Stephenville TX USA


5' 6"

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“I cram for exams, always waiting until the last minute,” admits Nikki Gentry in her sultry Southern accent. “Classes are a lot of work and I'm so busy!” Studying elementary education at Tarleton State University is incredibly time consuming, but the curly-haired blonde has one very important piece of advice for first year coeds. “Study more than you party!” advises all-natural Nikki. Miss Gentry is known to hit up the Texas bars, dance the two-step and flash her fellow bar patrons. Even though our busty Coed of the Week for January 11, 2011 is a fixture at her local bars, she insists she doesn’t want to meet her dream man at a bar. “I like sweet guys, guys who rodeo and have the same interests as me,” says Nikki. And cowboys, you’ll want to set up a run-in with this beauty—she has a list of fantasies that needs completing. “I’ve always thought it would be kind of cool to have sex on a pool table in a bar,” laughs Nikki.