Nirmala Fernandes

Nirmala Fernandes


Sri Lanka


5' 2"

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Nirmala is a woman of the world. Born in Sri Lanka, this gorgeous model currently lives in Amsterdam, but really, has been all over. “I’m a model traveling the world. I feel the need to move,” she tells us of herself. “I was raised in seven countries and I’ve lived in eight! I have a big white shepherd that I found during a photo shoot in Greece and he travels almost everywhere with me!” Constantly on the move, Nirmala was thrilled to shoot with us. “I’ve done three Playboy shoots so far and I had fun doing them,” she gushes. When she’s not in front of the camera, Nirmala is interested in art. “I also like to be behind the camera,” she tells us. Also a lover of film, dance, and music, you can usually find her at the latest exhibit or performance in whatever city she is visiting. When it comes to dating, Nirmala likes someone who is just as adventurous as she is. “I love adventure, I have always wanted to do that thing where you go into a cage to see big white sharks,” she laughs. “Some specific qualities I look for when going on a date is someone who likes to explore, enjoys life, and has drive and ambition!” If you’re loving getting to know the beautiful Nirmala, make sure to check out her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!