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Riverside, CA

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Get to know Odette, a model, and artist from Riverside, California. Fierce, independent, and creative are a few ways we’d describe Odette by meeting her a few times. Still, we’ll let her introduce herself: “What makes me, ‘me?’ By day I’m [giving off] Marina Abramovíc vibes, but catch me at night, and you get a blend of Annie Oakley and Brigitte Bardot.” For Odette, Playboy is the perfect place to indulge in what she loves the most. “My passion is exploring my creative and sexual energy and helping others do the same.” Playboy has been on Odette’s radar for quite some time. “Playboy has always been a theme in my life,” she smiles. “My grandparents loved the magazine and had them all over their house. I grew up enamored with the spreads and comics. I was hoping to one day get this opportunity!” When in front of the camera, it’s a feeling like no other for Odette. “I love that I’m able to be my most authentic self,” she says. “Posing nude has been such a liberating and spiritual experience for me.” Make sure to check out all of Odette’s pictorials right here on Playboy Plus.


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