Oksana Oksi

Oksana Oksi


Kiev, Ukraine


5' 9"

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Oksana Oksi is an adventurous model and photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. A remarkable woman, she has a deep lust for life that takes her anywhere and everywhere — and we’re grateful Playboy Plus was a stop along the way. “I’m 22,” she tells us. “I am a traveler and photo model. I also do photography,” she says of herself. “I look for inspiration all around the world and try to make art to express myself.” Having done just that with her photographer, David Merenyi, Oksana was a delight to have on set. “I saw the magazine in a shop when I was a teenager,” she tells us of her first Playboy encounter. Now, she's thrilled to be working with us. “My personal experience with Playboy thus far [has been] easygoing and comfortable.” With a look that is uniquely her own, Oksana loves to create art with her figure. “I feel so good being naked,” she tells us. “It feels great to express something when you have only your body. It’s much more interesting than with clothes.” When she is not in front of, or behind a camera, you can usually find Oksana challenging herself. “If I am home, I plan my future trips, art projects, work on my skills, read books, and study languages,” she says. Want to get to know her better? Check out her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!