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Ophelia Shalott

Ophelia Shalott


Berkeley CA USA


5' 1"

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Our Coed of the Week for October 12, 2010 wears her heart on her sleeve—well, her forearm to be precise. Ophelia Shalott’s voluptuous body is the canvas for an array of tattoos—including a heart on her forearm. “Just look at the thousands of romance poems written throughout the history of English literature,” says the romantic who is studying English at UC Berkeley so she could expand her repertoire of love poems and stories. “Herrick's The Vine or Donne's To His Mistress Going To Bed immediately come to mind. And the action in John Milton's masterwork Paradise Lost hinges on Adam and Eve getting it on. A lot of them are really naughty!” When dark-haired Ophelia is around, we’re the ones left feeling weak in the knees.