Pam Stein

Pam Stein


Syracuse New York USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

November 1987

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Pam Stein loves to compete –and it doesn’t matter if it’s a beauty contest or an insect contest, she was born to enter and win every competition she enters. “My goal and aspiration is to find the largest cockroach in Florida,” explains Pam. Like we said, she’s serious about being the best in every contest, no matter how strange it may seem. The all-natural blonde was born in New York, but after hearing rejection after rejection during modeling casting calls for being too short —she’s five feet, five inches tall—she had had enough and wanted to move somewhere where her height wouldn’t hinder her chances at earning a paycheck. “It strikes me as ridiculous. A magazine cover is a foot high, right? By the time they shrink your image to put you on the cover, who knows how tall you are?” Busty Pam packed her bikinis and moved to sunny Florida –however, the work she had been receiving was quite beneath her. “I get the apple-pie jobs. I never get to look glamorous,” pouts Miss Stein, whose biggest accomplishment to date was a McDonald’s commercial. Thankfully, Pam packed her bikinis, so to fill up her free time, she took part in almost every bikini contest available in her area. “At least once a week, there's a bathing suit contest in Florida. I competed against Lynne Austin, Miss July 1986, and Hope Marie Carlton, Miss July 1985. I won the Tampa Bay Bandits Centerfold Pageant the month Hope's gatefold came out,” admits busty Miss Stein. “Sounds like an exciting life, doesn't it? Now you know why I answered the call for Playboy.” Miss November 1987 couldn’t have been happier about winning another competition and she believes all her hard work and modeling rejections have shaped her into the confident woman she is today. “I’m dating a guy who tours with a rock band, which is the same kind of business as modeling—intense energy, followed by long breaks,” says the Playmate now-husband, Cheap Trick’s rhythm guitarist, Robin Zander. “People who don’t understand the business think you are fooling around. It’s hard work.” Hard work pays off nicely in time—Pam played a role in Bruce Willis’s hit movie, Die Hard, but she’s still waiting for that next big role. “I've been everything from Miss Pre-Teen to Miss November...from now on, I'm content being Miss Pamela Stein, from the part of Florida you don't see on Miami Vice.”