Pamela Jean Bryant

Pamela Jean Bryant


Indianapolis IN USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

April 1978

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In 1977, Playboy toured college campuses up and down, corner to corner, searching for beautiful women to be in our Girls of the Big Ten pictorial. “I have never regarded myself as particularly beautiful. I didn't think anyone else did either,” confessed Pamela Jean Bryant, a telecommunications major we met at Indiana University during our search. We couldn’t understand how could someone as gorgeous as this coed did not see what we see—a beautiful, all-natural blonde with all the makings of a Playmate. “Only a few days before Playboy photographer David Chan showed up on the campus of Indiana University I had applied for a modeling job in a local fashion show and had been turned down. But, I refuse to let setbacks get to me, so I responded to the ad David had put in the student newspaper, asking for girls to try out for a Girls of the Big Ten feature,” explains Pamela, her blue eyes gleaming with excitement. “I was surprised when, during our interview, he suggested that I was Playmate material.” David Chan was right; he found a stunning coed who needed to be a Playmate. Pamela was quickly scooped up and made our Miss April 1978, a compliment she never thought was possible. “I never give in to other people's opinions. I had a rather mixed-up childhood, shuttled from one foster home to another. I had seven mothers and seven fathers, and all of them told me my faults, my guilt’s, their idea of who I was. I've been told I'm lost and lonely by lost and lonely people,” admits Pamela who pauses to take a deep breath as she thinks of how far she’s come. “I've stopped listening to others and started listening to myself. I'm proud of the dent I've made in the world to date. I'm glad that I am young and have a career to look forward to. I'm going to strut my stuff and get by on the good times I give myself.” The good times kept on rolling after she became a Playboy model. The woman who describes herself as an eternal optimist, landed acting roles on television hit shows like The Incredible Hulk, The Dukes of Hazzard and Magnum, P.I.. “My emotions are very much on the surface. That's why I know I'll make a good actress. Moreover, I would like to develop my talents to perfection and lead a happy life,” smiles our Playmate of the Month. What Pamela didn’t expect was to fall in love with was art, more specifically, painting and writing in her new home state of California. “I get up every morning and sit at the typewriter for two hours. I'm reliving my childhood and creating a new person,” says the model turned author. “My secret dream is to have the book I’m writing become a best seller and eventually made into a motion picture.” That’s one movie premiere that every man in America will be fighting to score an invitation to.