Pamela Horton

Pamela Horton


Whittier CA United States


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

October 2012

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Meet multitalented Playmate Pamela Horton. Born in Whittier, California, she grew up in the air capital of Wichita, Kansas, where her father worked in aerospace engineering for Learjet. With her long, dark hair, brown-green eyes and well-designed form, it won’t surprise you to hear that she’s been modeling professionally for over seven years. “I got started when I was eighteen,” she says. We had considered Pamela for Cybergirl, but we liked her so much that we tested her for Playmate. And not only did we decide to give her a ten-page pictorial – we gave her the cover, a credit not accorded to every Playmate. “I couldn’t believe it,” she says happily. Pamela is an avid gamer, and spends a lot of her free time playing RPGs. “Chrono Trigger, World of Warcraft, League of Legends…you name it, I play it,” she says, laughing. “But I only play for fun. Guys think that a girl can’t be a real gamer, but I don’t have anything to prove.” Late nights at the Mansion find her on her laptop, keeping up with her scores. She also loves comics – Marvel series in particular – and she’ll even shell out for the hardcover editions. It’s no surprise that Pamela is a successful model, but she’s also a talented multimedia artist. She loves to draw – traditionally with a pencil, or digitally with a tablet – and her drawings, while realistic, tend toward the fantastic. “I studied psychology at Wichita State,” she says. “I hoped to be a board-certified art therapist for practice in social and child services, but Playboy opened a lot of doors for me, and I’m taking some time off to pursue other avenues. My modeling career, for one – and a career in character design for a video game company, for another. That’s my ultimate goal.”