Pamela Saunders

Pamela Saunders


Miami Florida USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

November 1985

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Coming to Playboy from the Lone Star state is Pamela Saunders. The busty blonde is originally from the small-town of Plano, TX —and even though she calls Miami her home now, she’s still that good ole country girl. “It's next to Richardson. That's about 15 minutes away from Dallas,” Pamela about her hometown. “That's where I grew up from the eighth grade on.” Growing up in the South has its positives and its negatives according to the Playmate. On the upside, she’s surrounded by her loving family, but the downside is they’re the only putting an insurmountable amount of pressure on Miss Saunders to get married like most of her peers who get hitched straight out of school. “I love men to death, but, you know, they aggravate me,” giggles Miss November 1985. “I let men get to me and I've got a nervous stomach. I don't think I want to get married. I guess working in a bar ruined me— you know, watching the way some of these married men act.” Pamela gets quickly lost in her own thoughts and realizes it’s not that she doesn’t want to get hitched—it’s that she’s afraid of getting her heartbroken. “I think I’m learning to cope. Now, when I break up with someone, I think ‘just give it some time and it will all be over.’ And it’s true,” explains Pamela about her newfound enlightenment. “But, when you’re young, you don’t see it that way. You get depressed. Now, I go out and do something.” Although Miss November 1985 is armed with relationship knowledge that could only come with experience, she is still that sweet girl who blushes around a man she likes. “When I'm nervous, I start knocking things over. I am a klutz. I fall down stairs, spill things. I have to watch myself out on a date,” blushes Pamela. “I never could get guys interested in me. Now, we’ll see what happens. Now, I’m in Playboy, they’ll probably flock around.” We have no doubt they will.