Patricia Margot McClain

Patricia Margot McClain


Long Beach CA USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

May 1976

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A typical day in the life for our Miss May 1976 is pretty normal, according to Patricia Margot McClain at least. “I have breakfast at the Mansion, followed by horseback riding on the beach for some sun, then home and back to the Mansion for a movie,” explains the tall blonde from Long Beach, CA. Typical Patricia is a fun-loving person who is known for being wild—qualities that her strict father did not approve of growing up. “I was raised under my father's thumb,” says our all-natural Playmate of her father, an admiral in the U.S. Navy. “He's very strong and, as a triple Taurus, I'm very rebellious.” Patricia was born on a ship near the coast of California to her respected father and to her Apache mother who used to live on a reservation in New Mexico. “I visited there once; the people were so poor, it was pathetic,” recalls the outspoken blonde. From the reservation to the mountains of San Bernardino, her mother has moved on to living here open fields where horses roam including Patricia’s Danny Boy, an American paint horse. Country life to city lights, our sexy equestrienne always dreamt of a career that included modeling, riding horses and acting. After winning awards at Pasadena City College and UCLA for her dramatic acting, Patricia was ready for Hollywood to come calling. However, Hollywood only knew who she was after she appeared on the cover of Playboy’s November 1975 issue. None of her success, Patricia says, would have been possible if it weren’t for a chance encounter with Hugh Hefner at a night club. “I was in a little night club, where you'd never expect him to show up,” recalls our busty Miss May 1976. “But, he came in, with about five people, got to meet me and invited me to his house. We've been good friends ever since.” Our Playmate of the Month’s life has changed in ways she couldn’t imagine, but she says she’s still very much the same daring, free-spirited country girl who listens to no one. “I’m used to living a certain way and I couldn’t hold myself back, no matter how much I might love somebody. I like to play around a lot and I’m out almost every night. I carry on just like the men do—and I’m completely straightforward about it,” confesses Patricia. “I’m an average, all-American young lady looking for a man who’s handsome and well endowed, with a lot of money. I just left a man I loved—he had everything I needed, but he wanted to keep me cooped up like an animal.” A beauty like Patricia Margot McClain cannot be tamed and nor should she. She’s a rare find and only a true man can appreciate a woman who dares to spread her wings and fly.