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Paulina Sanchez

Paulina Sanchez


Hollywood FL USA


5' 1"

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Paulina Sanchez lives and breathes music. The Costa Rican stunner’s love affair with music began when she was a child. Not only can petite Paulina rhythmically shake her curvy hips, but she’s also able to play the double bass, African percussion and the guitar. Hoping to have a career in music, the busty brunette wants to major in jazz at a performing arts university near her home in Florida. Miss Sanchez’s typical day includes practicing her instruments every day, and she doesn’t have much free time for anything other than music. “I practice, practice, practice. Work nine to five. Practice, practice, practice. Workout, sex perhaps and practice more,” says the tanned Latina. We’re just happy she found enough time to pose for Playboy and be our Cybergirl of the Week for December 30, 2002.