Phyllis Coleman

Phyllis Coleman


White Plains New York USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

August 1973

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Playmate Phyllis Coleman has been ballet dancing since she was a youngster in White Plains, NY. Fulfilling her aspiration of becoming a professional ballerina who calls the most famous stages in the world home was all she dreamt about. She has since, however, put her ambitions on hold permanently to assist her boyfriend, David Cormany, in achieving his professional racing dream after he purchased a corvette from actor James Garner. “Ballet is a more feminine discipline and racing a more masculine one, but they’re similar in the concentration and dedication they demand,” compares the busty brunette. “I admire those who have the courage and awareness of their bodies that both require.” Phyllis has become David’s right-hand woman—handling his publicity, being his team’s personal photographer and even working as the track hostess when the team’s sponsors come to visit. “You try to project a good image for their product, but you're just part of the package. It's strictly business,” explains the all-natural beauty. “I take the attitude that he's more likely to be killed driving on the freeway than on a race track with professional drivers.” Even though Cormany has our lovely Miss August 1973 to help guide his career on-and-off the track, it still hasn’t made gaining sponsorship a breeze. “It’s frustrating to see someone with potential not being able to realize it, but you just have to wait for a break, be in the right place at the right time and not give up,” states Phyllis who often finds herself giving her boyfriend several pep talks before a race. “He can't have a normal relationship with anybody during this period. Little things upset him and he's very cold. It relaxes him to talk about the race, so I rap with him for hours. David and I match up on and off the track.” Phyllis is always happy to learn anything she can about the sport she believes will be a major part of her life for years to come. However, will she ever get into the driver’s seat herself other than to do the victory laps she is currently known for after David wins a race? “I'm not sure I could handle the pressure, but I think I've got as good a chance as the next woman,” says our adrenaline-seeking Miss August 1973. “I'm not sure what I want to do, but whatever it is I hope it benefits myself and mankind.” Posing for Playboy has definitely helped Phyllis Coleman achieve her goal and see just how she’sbenefitted mankind with her seductive Playmate photoshoot.