Priscilla Lee Taylor

Priscilla Lee Taylor


Miami Florida USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

March 1996

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Priscilla Taylor is a force to be reckoned with. A former beauty queen, blonde-haired Priscilla has done a little bit of everything – born in Miami, she became queen of South Florida’s modeling scene, and was just as popular in Aspen, San Francisco and New York City. “I was always the new kid in school, and I had no trouble making friends,” says Priscilla. “In one of my pageants, the emcee asked me who I would be if I could be anyone in the world, and I said ‘Cleopatra’, because I want to rule!” Having studied interior design, Priscilla knows that what’s on the inside counts, but sometimes, her inner Cleopatra gets the better of her. “Actually, I decided interior design wasn’t for me,” she admits. “I’m too creative for most budgets.Anyway, I’m going to be very famous.” In her own home, money isn’t an object – Priscilla owns two Andy Warhol prints, not to mention twelve Lichtensteins, an art collection that anyone, including the famous, would envy. When she’s not modeling or heading to auditions, Priscilla takes improv classes, hoping to hone her funny bone. “I’d rather play the funny girl than the mistress,” she confides. “I’d also love to run my own modeling agency. I have my fingers in everything, since I’m not sure what’s going to work out.” When it comes to men, Priscilla’s portfolio is just as diverse – she loves to date, but isn’t ready to settle down just yet. “Here’s what happens – I meet a strong, cocky guy, but after we’ve been together for a while, they just turn into women. I can’t make a move without them saying, ‘Wait – where are you going?’” In all fairness, our Miss March 1996 is irresistible, and we don’t blame other men for turning to putty in her manicured hands.