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Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee


Orlando FL USA


5' 2"

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Rachel Lee is a petite coed from the University of Central Florida who is full of surprises. “Working on cars is therapeutic to me,” says our all-natural Asian Coed of the Week for April 5, 2007. “No matter what goes wrong, at the end of the day your car is always there to work on, improve and drive.” Along with a being gorgeous amateur mechanic, the molecular biology and microbiology major is a self-proclaimed science nerd who loves to exercise. “I love learning about any science topic, particularly the anatomy/physiology of the human body,” blushes dark-haired Rachel. “And I love being active, working out and being outdoors. I love to get my heart and adrenaline racing. Of course, I include sex in this, too. That's the best workout, especially outdoors. Beyond that, I can't tell just anyone what my talents are.” We’ll be here, patiently waiting to hear what Miss Lee’s secret sexy talents are.