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We’re smitten with Rae, a model and actress from Manchester, in the North West of England. She’s petite – just 5’3” – with brown hair, green eyes and a natural 30E bust. “As a teenager, I was an ugly duckling,” admits Rae. “I’ve changed a lot. I can still be a bit of a geek – I do my homework on time, and I love X-Men – but after this, I don’t think anybody would consider me shy.” Or ugly, for that matter – for as a matter of fact, Rae’s about as gorgeous as they come. “I love posing nude,” she says. “My breasts are one of my best features. They’re big for my small frame – people ask me if they’re fake, and I’m proud to say they’re all mine. I have very good genes.” When she’s not in front of the camera, Rae is into what she calls ‘amateur dramatics’ – she’s a theater nut, and more often than not you can find her rehearsing with her local company. “I’ve been singing and acting for thirteen years,” she says. “One of my favorite roles ever was Sleeping Beauty – every girl dreams of being a princess, and wearing the gown was so amazing.” When it comes to men, Rae has yet to find her prince, but in the meantime, she’s game to kiss a couple of frogs. “If a guy can make me laugh, I’m pretty much sold,” she says. “You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. Lighten up, and you’re all right in my book!”