Reagan Wilson

Reagan Wilson


Torrance CA USA


5' 10"

Playmate of the month

October 1967

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Playmate Reagan Wilson is known in her group of friends for two things: having the biggest, all-natural bust which standing proudly at 40D and for loving every furry creature that roams the planet like her puppy, Larry. “He’s the world’s most ferocious stuffed poodle,” giggles the green-eyed blonde. Reagan’s love of animals dates back to when she took equestrienne lessons as a child in Montana, a decision she still thanks her parents for to this day. “My own horse, Popcorn, is stabled back in Missoula, Montana—where I grew up with a younger brother and younger sister—but that doesn't keep me from getting out on the trails almost every afternoon,” says the tall equestrienne who lives in the San Fernando Valley. “Besides being fun, riding is the best way to keep in shape.” Not that our voluptuous Playmate of the Month needs to worry about keeping her 40-25-35 figure enacted especially now that she’s earned several acting opportunities on television shows like Big Valley. “The competition is tougher than ever so much so that it's silly for anyone to put all her hopes into acting. So I'm going to try to devote at least half my time now to my long-standing ambition to be a writer. I'd like to be a humorist, but I think I have one serious novel to write,” explains our intelligent Miss October 1967 after completing a scene with actor Peter Breck for the Old Western-inspired program. “I decided on the set that 1967 discotheques are a lot more fun than their 1867 forerunners.” With her acting and writing careers flourishing, Reagan believes she has Playboy to thank for that and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for it. It may sound odd for our Miss October 1967 to credit astronauts with making her a household name, but NASA employees preparing for Apollo 12’s 1969 mission to the Moon decided to play a sexy prank on mission commander Pete Conrad. They inserted miniature pictures of several Playmates, including Reagan’s centerfold, into his schedule. “I love being a Playmate because it's an honor to be chosen from among so many girls,” she says. “I studied journalism at Montana State University and hope to continue my education at UCLA. I'd like to pursue a career in journalism, although of course I also want to fall in love and have children someday.” Remember the name Reagan Wilson because she’s going to surprise everyone.


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