Rebecca Carter

Playboy Muse of the month - Nov 2012  
  • Uploaded:
    October 03, 2014
  • Birthdate:
    April 20, 1991
  • Birthplace:
    Douglas GA United States
  • Height:
    5' 1"
  • Weight:
    103 lbs
  • Measurements:

Meet Cybergirl Rebecca Carter. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and tanned, she’s a small-town girl with big dreams – and an interest in Freudian dream interpretation. By day, she’s a psychology student at East Carolina University, and by night, she’s a waitress at the local Hooters. “I’m from Douglas, a small town in Coffee County, south Georgia,” says Rebecca. “I’m a Marine wife – I got married to my high school boyfriend when I was nineteen, and now we’re stationed in North Carolina, where I’m working on my degree. I got married young, but I’m mature, responsible and determined to achieve my goals.” Rebecca works hard, and in her downtime she likes to go shopping and out to eat with her friends. “Back in Douglas, there wasn’t much to do, so we’d load up the truck with a full cooler, turn the music up and ride the dirt roads. I miss that!” Rebecca only just started modeling – she was featured in Southern Peach and Model Up magazines last year, and after a stint as an Amateur, we made her Cybergirl of the Month in November 2012. “Being a Playboy model is a big deal,” says Rebecca. “I’ve been submitting and going to auditions since I was eighteen, so I feel like I really accomplished something. And I love being in front of the camera.” Rebecca talks about her past, present and Playboy future in her Facetime interview.

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