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Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca Lynn


New Smyrna Beach FL United States


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

January 2009

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Meet Cybergirl Rebecca Lynn, a once-blonde, now-brunette who loves foot rubs and adventure. “I love to hike,” says Rebecca. “I also love to ride dirt bikes and do some freestyle motocross tricks.” Rebecca’s adventurous nature comes in handy in her career as a Playboy model. Her sense of fun and fearlessness in front of the camera made her Cybergirl of the Month in January 2009. When the busty Florida resident isn’t impressing riders with her bike tricks, she likes to work up a sweat at the beach. “I love to surf, and I live in a beautiful little surf town, so it’s perfect,” says the Italian-American. Rebecca is a frequent visitor of the nude beach, and admits to getting a little hot under the sun. “I’ve had sex on the nude beach, and also in an elevator,” Rebecca says with a laugh. Adventurous is how she refers to herself in life and love, but she insists she’s not the sexually aggressive type. “I’m delicate, so a guy has to take care of me like a flower,” says Rebecca. “I’m like the little rabbit in the field that’s being hunted, but once I’m caught, I turn into the lion.” We’d love to hear you roar, Rebecca.