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Rhian Alise

Rhian Alise


Baton Rouge LA USA


5' 1"

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana is known for its spicy Creole and Cajun dishes –but now it’s given us an even spicier little dish. Rhian Alise is a feisty petite blonde who isn’t afraid to tell you what she wants –especially in the bedroom. “Sex should be a two-way street,” says green-eyed Rhian. “I try to make my partner happy and go the extra mile to be his personal fantasy.” Rhian Alise is definitely a Playboy fan’s personal fantasy – fans couldn’t get enough of the voluptuous poet and poker player. Rhian wasn’t too surprised when we told her she was voted Cybergirl of the Week for October 4, 2010. One thing that may surprise fans is that tattooed Rhian is a romantic at heart. She displays her soft side with her heart-shaped lock tattoo on her wrist. She literally wears her heart on her sleeve – she just protects it better than most romantics, given it’s under lock and key. How can you unlock Rhian’s soft side? “Lots of kissing and touching is very important,” says Rhian. Who wouldn’t oblige Rhian’s request?