Roberta Berti

Roberta Berti


Yaroslavl Russia


5' 4"

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Roberta Berti isn’t afraid to be herself. Growing up in Yaroslavl, Russia as the youngest of five children, Roberta loved life and was always the center of attention. “I grew up in a big, happy family,” she says. “Despite a big age difference with my brothers and sisters, I got a lot of love. I was popular in school and a very good student.” Graduating with a degree in history, Roberta decided to pursue a modeling career. Trading her history books for bikinis, she rose quickly through the ranks, catching a Playboy photographer’s eye along the way. “I have a fine mind and a spectacular figure,” she says confidently. “I believe there is more than one way to express myself. People are beautiful on the inside and on the outside, and I really love my body!” When not in front of the camera, Roberta loves to read—she’s a literature buff, and her favorite authors are Balzac and Remarque—and on a Friday night, she loves to go out and get in a little bit of trouble. “It all depends on my mood,” she says. “Sometimes, my friends and I will talk all night long…and sometimes it’s a totally crazy night!” To win Miss Berti’s affections, you must be smart, charming and well-spoken—as she mentioned, she’s got a superior mind, and she’s looking for someone to challenge her. “My man should be smarter than I am, so I can learn something from him,” she says. “He should have a good sense of humor, and it’s important for him to be handsome, too!” Challenge accepted, Miss Berti.