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Rochelle Minami

Rochelle Minami


Riverside CA United States


5' 4"

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Rochelle Minami is a fixture around Riverside Community College. When students see the black-haired business and law major at a party, they know it’s going to be a memorable night. “I went to a fraternity party recently and, although the next day I wondered how I got home, I got more than 10 new phone numbers so I know I had a lot of fun!” laughs exotic Rochelle. Born and raised in Shizuoka, Japan, the Asian beauty moved to the California with her brother to study and learn English. Now, not only is Miss Minami fluent in Japanese and English, but she is also becoming fluent in dirty talk. “I love dirty talk. It’s great, but it doesn’t work because I always end up driving to the guy’s house,” giggles our Coed of the Month for September 2009. Rochelle, can you tutor us in dirty talk?


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