Ruth Guerri

Ruth Guerri


St. Louis Missouri USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

July 1983

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Dark, rainy days are known to cause the blues—not even Playboy models are impervious to the feeling. Ruth Guerri has the beauty of a goddess with her white porcelain skin, big brown eyes and soft blonde hair, but even she has her moments of despair. “You have to pull yourself out of a depression. You can't depend on someone else to do it,” advises Ruth. “I like to cook, so I'll pull out a cookbook and look for something really outrageous to prepare. Or I'll buy make-up or wash the car or put rubber snakes in the mailbox for my boyfriend. Anything, but sitting around doing nothing. If you accomplish something, you just naturally feel better.” Ruth’s sad days are a thing of the past because of her extensive list of accomplishments which naturally begins with Playboy. After spending seven years modeling in her hometown of St. Louis, the all-natural blonde was still searching for her big break. Hopeful with every photoshoot, Ruth finally made it when her agenda was packed with heaps of modeling work including our Miss July 1983 photoshoot. “When you’re modeling, you get caught in it all. You see the pictures in your head and you push yourself to the limit, doing the best you can and often risking life and limb just for a perfect picture,” explains our busty Playmate of the Month. “I usually have about three bookings a week. The rest of the time, I just kind of keep myself on ice so that I’m available for anything else that comes up. That’s frustrating for me, because I really have no patience.” Miss Guerri knows she’s in desperate need of a relaxing vacation. Once she finishes up her promotional Playmate work, she hopes to either spend time on a ranch with her horses or to sunbathe somewhere exotic with a great view. “I’ve been working for a long time now. I think I could live away from people for a year or so—maybe go island hopping in the Caribbean, sell sea shells or sling drinks for a living, then come back and be very happy,” fantasizes Ruth. “I know that probably sounds irresponsible of me, but it would be fun.” It would only sound irresponsible if our cameras aren’t invited to capture Ruth Guerri laying happily on the beach.