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SaBrea Phenix

SaBrea Phenix
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SaBrea Phenix is a vibrant and expressive model from Toledo, Ohio. “I love it there, and I miss all my friends and all the adventures, but it was time for me to venture out to LA for my passion,” shares SaBrea of herself. “I think my drive and my ambition make me, me. I don’t know a lot of people who would move across the country by themselves to pursue a career or dream. Taking that jump and going hard for what I want is a big part of my personality.” Her dedication to pursuing modeling is also what SaBrea tells us she’s most proud of. “I’m proud of staying consistent— being consistent has gotten me far in my career,” she says. “Modeling makes me happy and makes me feel seen.” SaBrea’s love for her craft is evident in her pictorials; she’s a creative spirit. “I can draw, photograph, and dance, [too]. I love creating!” When she’s not working, SaBrea enjoys gaming. “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance is that I’m a hardcore Call of Duty gamer,” she laughs. Get to know SaBrea Phenix better through her features here on Playboy Plus!