Sabrina Nichole

Playboy Muse of the month - April 2015  
  • Uploaded:
    June 18, 2015
  • Birthdate:
    January 30, 1995
  • Birthplace:
    Dallas Texas USA
  • Height:
    5' 8"
  • Weight:
    128 lbs
  • Measurements:

Good things come to those who wait—or in this case, those who wait tables in bathing suits. Tall and slender, with platinum-blonde hair and a natural 32DDD bust, Sabrina Nichole is a waitress at a certain Dallas breastaurant, and gets more than her fair share of male attention. “Plain and simple, my life is like The House Bunny,” says Sabrina by way of introduction. “I was an ugly duckling in high school, and then boom—I became a Playboy model!” In her teen years, Sabrina erred on the side of nerdiness—she read manga, watched anime and played MMORPGs like World of Warcraft—and though she still enjoys those things, we’re pleased to see that her self-confidence has blossomed. “I was bullied in school, so I learned to be strong and independent,” says Sabrina. “That’s shaped me into the person I am today.” In the not-too-distant past, Sabrina was at work, clearing tables, when a Playboy photographer offered her a test shoot. “It was Bikini Week, so I was in a bathing suit,” she explains. “At first, I didn’t believe him—I mean, come on, anybody can say that they work for Playboy!” Once Jose showed Sabrina his work, she gladly agreed to come in for a test, and obviously, she passed with flying colors. An honest-to-goodness amateur, this is Sabrina’s first time in front of the camera, with clothes or without, and she simply couldn’t be happier. And why wouldn't she be? Her can-do attitude won her Cybergirl of the Month in April 2015. “Who wouldn’t want to be a Playboy model?” she exclaims. “I mean, I’ve always wondered what it would be like, so it’s amazing to be here. Posing nude isn’t strange or weird—it’s my body, and I love it!”

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